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The Policy Scope:

This online privacy policy (the Policy) only applies to information collected by ​A ClassPainting Owned websites where it is displayed. It does not apply to ​third-party portals such as WebPages operated by our licensees, social ​networking sites, supplier pages, websites of other corporations, corporate ​entities, and so on, nor does it apply to A Class Painting owned WebPages ​or other A Class Painting owned platforms where it is not posted. It also ​does not apply to data collected through other methods, such as telephone ​or face-to-face. A Class Painting LLC, including its website, shall be referred ​to as we, or us throughout this Policy, and its visitors will be referred to as ​you or your.

By downloading any third-party app, you empower the third-party application ​to execute the activities and/or share the information provided to us or ​requested from us. We will submit the information via a third-party app, ​which will then be routed across the internet. We will not be held liable for ​the dissemination, use, abuse, or disclosure of the users data as a result of ​using this or any third-party app. Some of the data gathered through this Site ​may be personal information information that, by itself or in conjunction with ​other information accessible to us, identifies you directly. Other material, ​such as that acquired by cookies, may be non-personally traceable.

Additional privacy notifications, which may be presented at the time we ​acquire your information, may be issued to supplement or alter this Policy ​from time to time. Certain pages of this Site, for example, may have Privacy ​Notices that contain additional information about the data we gather on those ​pages, why we require that information, and what options you may have

about how we use that information. Specific Privacy Notices may be ​necessary in other circumstances to comply with the privacy legislation of ​one of the nations, provinces, or states with whom we do business.

Your Assent:

By using this Site, you agree to the gathering, use, publication, and transfer of your data in accordance with the terms of this Policy. You may not use this Site if you do not accept to the gathering, use, publication, and transmission of your data as described in this Policy. If you have any concerns regarding this Policy or any Privacy Notice, please contact us using the information provided.

This Policy is Subject to Change:

We reserve the right, at any moment and without prior notice, to alter or ​change this Policy and any Privacy Notice by publishing the latest edition of ​the Policy or Privacy Notification on this Site. These modifications will only ​apply to information collected after the new Policy or

Privacy Notification is posted on this Website.

We Gather the Following Data:

Manually Provided Information:

We gather information that you actively enter using your keyboard, mouse, ​or touch screen or when you use this Page, such as when you seek service, ​show interest in becoming a partner,

email us inquiries, or otherwise communicate with this Webpage. Some of ​the details you submit manually, such as your contact details and name may ​be private information.

Third-Party Social Media Platform Details:

You may be able to register, log in, or improve your profile on this Site by ​selecting to automatically complete the necessary data forms with details ​you initially gave to a third-party social networking site such as Facebook or ​Twitter. You are requesting that the third-party platform transmit us info, ​including personally identifiable information, from your account on that site ​by doing so. We treat that information the same way we do any other details ​you provide us when you subscribe, log in, or update your account.

Data from Your Device or Web Browser:

We obtain information that is regularly transmitted to us by your mobile or ​desktop gadget. Your Internet protocol, the name of your software, the name ​and edition of your device, the date and time of your view, and the pages ​you view are all examples of this information.Your internet explorer or device ​settings may influence the information we get.

The information we collect from your search engine and device is normally ​not individually identifiable. We may, however, integrate it with other details ​in an attempt to find you, or with information that already identify you.

Cookies and Other Technologies Collecting Information:

To gather information and support some features of our Site, we utilize ​cookies and other technologies. We may use these techniques, for example, ​to gather information about how visitors use our Site—which Web Pages ​they browse which links they click on, and how long they spend on each ​page. The information we gather through cookies and related technologies is

not individually identifiable in and of itself, but we may link it to personally ​identifiable

Information you submit. If you do not want to receive cookies, you can ​configure your browser to refuse them or to notify you when one is installed ​on your computer. Although you are not Obligated to accept cookies when ​visiting our Site, if your browser refuses our cookies, you may be unable to ​access all of its features.

How We Use Your Information:

In general, we make use of the information gathered through this Site to:

  •  to offer the requested information, tools, and services;
  •  to offer you efficient client service;
  •  to provide you a more personalized service when you visit this Site;
  •  to send you information and alerts about your use of this Service;
  •  to enhance the Blog content, performance, and readability;
  •  to better comprehend your requirements and preferences;
  •  to make our services and offerings better;
  •  to strengthen our marketing and advertising activities;
  •  for the sake of security, credit, or fraud prevention, and
  •  for any other reason specified in a relevant Privacy Notice, click-​through agreement, or

other contract between you and us.

How We Disseminate Your Information:

Working with Third-Party Vendors:

We share information gathered via this Site with third-party suppliers who ​provide services for us or on our behalf. We may, for example, utilize third-​party suppliers to design and administer our Site, perform surveys, and ​assist us with promotional initiatives. These third-party providers may require ​information about you in order to carry out their tasks.

With the use of third-party social media platforms:

On this Site, we may provide technology that allows you to automatically ​submit information about your activity on this Site to a third-party social ​networking site (such as Facebook or Twitter). If you choose to use this ​feature, those who have access to your account on the third-party site may ​be able to view the activities you have made, such as the items or services ​you have ordered. As a result, you should not anticipate privacy in those ​acts.

Our Corporate Family Comprises:

We reserve the right to share information gathered through this Service with ​other firms within our corporate structure, including employees. These ​affiliate firms or employees may use your details for their own advertising ​purposes and in accordance with this Policy.

To obey the law and protect our own and others rights:

We may share your information when we think in good faith that it is ​necessary to comply with the law, a court order, or a subpoena. We may ​also disclose your information to prevent or Investigate a potential crime, ​such as fraud and identity theft; to safeguard the security of this site; to ​enforce or apply our online Service Agreements or other agreements; or to ​protect our own rights or property, as well as the rights, property, or safety of ​our users or others.

How We Keep Your Information Safe:

We take reasonable efforts to ensure a degree of security commensurate ​with the importance of the data we collect. Although we take reasonable ​precautions to safeguard your information from unauthorized use or ​publication, we cannot guarantee the privacy of information transmitted over

the Internet or kept in our systems, and we will not be liable for security ​breaches beyond our

lawful authority.

Privacy of Children:

You must be at least 18 years old to access this Site with our consent. We ​do not collect, retain, or provide personal information regarding visitors under ​the age of 18. Please do not use this Site if you are younger than the age of ​18.

Personal Information Retention:

We keep personal information gathered on this Site for as long as it is ​necessary to provide the services, goods, and information you have ​requested, or as required by law.

If you have any questions about this policy or our data practices, ​please contact us.

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